SKA Volunteers Application


Date of Birth

Name of Academic Institution


Address of Academic Institution

Residence Address


Residence Telephone No.


Class (School) or Year (College/ University)

Stream pursued in School and/or Stream pursued in College

Studied Biology in Class 11-12


Objective of Volunteer Enrollment for Surakshit Khadya AbhiyanTM :


To upgrade Street Food Vendors and Suppliers to School Canteens towards delivering Safe Food by engaging Students, Schools, Colleges & Academic Institutes in effectively Raising Awareness and Strengthening Capacity of Street Food Vendors and Suppliers to School Canteens on Food Safety and Hygiene Practices. In the process, Students also develop as Trainers and proponents of Food Safety.


Terms of Reference


  • Undergo training provided and develop as Trainers
  • Cascade Awareness on Hygiene and Importance of Food Safety among Street Food Vendors and Suppliers to School Canteens
  • Provide hand holding support to create role models among Street Food Vendors and Suppliers to School Canteens as per work allocation and targets provided


Eligibility of Volunteers (School Canteens/ Street Food Vendors)


  • Volunteers for School Canteens: Class 11-12 School Students with Biology
  • Volunteers for Street Food Vendors: College/ University/Other Academic Institute Students with Biology till at least 12th Standard in School


Responsibilities of Volunteers


  • To undergo Training provided by the Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan Working Group for Academic Institutions and Qualify as Food Safety Trainers
  • To devote 3 hours /day, once a week (generally during weekends) to provide training and hand holding services to the allocated Food Business Operators Confirmation of Enrollment
  • Participate in Peer and Working Group Review Meetings once a week
  • Submit Project Reports


Enrollment of Volunteers


Volunteers qualifying in the Selection Process will be informed on mail by November , 2015 along with the Activity Calendar


Benefits for Volunteers


  • Training Certificate will be provided to those Volunteers who qualifies in Training provided
  • Certificate of Project Completion will be provided on successful Project Completion